Tôyô Ongaku Gakkai

 The Society for Research in Asiatic Music (Tôyô Ongaku Gakkai, TOG) is comprised of researchers, performers and others with interest in music in Japan and other cultures. Since its founding in 1936, TOG has functioned as a forum for presentation of research in the musics of Japan and Asia and the discipline of comparative musicology (presently known as ethnomusicology), as well as facilitating the provision and exchange of related knowledge and information. The Japan Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) is also situated here, and many TOG members are also members of ICTM.

 In addition to organization of the annual all-Japan conference and publication of the Journal of the Society for Research in Asiatic Music(Tôyô Ongaku Kenkyû)and three bulletins annually, periodic meetings are held and newsletters produced by the regional chapters. All of these together constitute an active research environment. Although most of the contributions to the journal are written in the Japanese language, summaries in English are included. It is possible to submit articles written in English to the journal, though bulletins and regional newsletters are in Japanese only. The website of the Society mainly presents information relating to the annual conference and the periodic chapter meetings. Complete contents of recent bulletins, table of contents of the journal, and records of past annual conferences and chapter meetings are carried in the website (only table of contents available in English).

 Anyone in agreement with the objectives of this Society may join by downloading the application for membership and posting it to the Society address (below). Members receive by post the journal, bulletins, and regional chapter newsletters. They are also eligible to make presentations in the periodic meetings and annual conference, as well as submit manuscripts to the journal. Members residing in Japan are listed as belonging to one chapter of Eastern Japan, Western Japan, or Okinawa, depending upon place of residence. Members residing abroad are listed as such. Both members residing in Japan and abroad are eligible to participate in Society activity. Annual membership dues are 8,000 yen (6,000 yen for undergraduate students). Graduate students may also apply for the reduced rate by submitting an application form and a copy of their student ID card. Non-members may also participate in chapter meetings and the annual conference with payment of fees.

Tôyô Ongaku Gakkai

No. 307 Miharu Building 3-6-3 Ueno, Taitô-ku Tôkyô, JAPAN 110-0005

tel/fax: +81-(0)3-3832-5152